Healthy snacking in the office

2nd February 2021

Healthy Office Snacking

Did you know the most popular time for Australians to snack is 3pm*? That probably comes as no surprise to most of us that hit the mid-afternoon slump and are looking for something to tide us over until dinner.

There is nothing wrong with snacking, it can keep your metabolism firing until your next meal, boost your mood and they can help build up your nutrional input throughout the day- if you make a good choice.

While around a third of people will make healthy choice for their mid-morning snack (35%), by mid-afternoon many of us find ourselves more likely to be reaching for a biscuit or muffin (45%), chips (19%) or confectionery (17%).*

The best way to make healthier choice is to be prepared.

The ideal healthy office snack is something nutritious and easy with little or no preparation required that can be thrown in your bag in the morning.

Here are our top healthy workday snack ideas:

  • Raw veggies just as cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks and of course Snackable carrots- are perfect healthy snacks. They boost your veggie intake, required no preparation and can be eaten in your fingers. They are fresh, nutritious and satisfyingly crunchy. If you are a bit more organised, bring a little tub of dip to make them even more delicious.
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit – it’s perfect the way it is!
  • Nuts- a small handful is just right and a great energy booster (about 15 almonds)
  • 3-4 wholegrain crackers with spread
  • A small tin of Tuna and crackers
  • Air-popped popcorn
  • A small pack of dried fruit
  • Energy balls (homemade or bought)

A few easy workday snacks to help you with healthy office snacking.

Source: AC Nielsen Harvest Report