Healthy eating when ‘Staying at Home’

22nd July 2021

Undeniably the last 18 months have been turbulent times, and for many of us we are spending a lot more time in our homes.

Changes to our lives (especially those beyond our control) can be stressful so it is more important than ever that we look after ourselves both physically and mentally. Getting sufficient sleep, enjoying some physical activity and of course eating well all plays a role here. It can be tempting to want to find solace in food – and while treating ourselves occasionally is fine, we tend to feel much better if we can maintain good eating habits most of the time.

Here are some tips for when you are spending more than usual time at home:

  1. Try to stick to a routine; eating your meals and snacks at the same time as usual will help to maintain good habits and is less likely to lead to eating because you are bored
  2. Try to eat away from the space that you are working or studying, this will help make you more conscious of your eating and less likely to over-eat
  3. Have healthy snacks on hand, this will help to curb morning and afternoon cravings; ideas include yoghurt and berries, peanut butter on crackers, rice cakes and cheese, fruit and of course plenty of fresh, crunchy veggies including Snackables
  4. Avoid stocking too much ‘treat’ food, but for those occasional treats try placing them further back on the pantry shelf or fridge so they are not the first thing you see.
  5. Plan ahead for meals so you make better choices and have the right ingredients on hand

Hoping you and your families stay well and stay healthy!