Keeping Christmas entertaining easy, healthy & delicious

22nd December 2020

Pre-Christmas entertaining doesn’t have to mean that healthy eating needs to go out the door! We have put together some ideas for a party platter that ticks all the boxes; healthy, tasty, easy to prepare and delicious. They also happen to be vegan and (depending on your choice of crackers) gluten free; so everyone can enjoy them!

The key to any great platter is to keep it colourful with lots of variety and texture. Mix raw vegies of all colours: Snackables® carrots, chopped capsicum in a range of colours, cherry tomatoes, snow peas & cucumber all work well because they are finger friendly and great for dipping.  Add a range dips, fresh and dried fruits. Don’t be afraid to add sweet and savoury on the same platter – berries and carrots work well together – we promise!

Tzatziki goes with literally every type of veg, we also love serving them with pesto, olive tapenade and hummus.

Gluten free entertaining is taken care of by keeping it simple (as above) with the option of adding seed, nuts and gluten free crackers.

And for kids – Individual cups with Popcorn and Snackables® carrots with dip offer a healthier alternative to the usual salty snacks. Kid-friendly platters also work well with cheese, rice crackers, cut up fruit, berries and finger friendly veggies.

These ideas will help tick off one task from your party list leaving you with all the energy you need for a great time!