About Snackables®

Snackables® brings consumers fresh Australian produce for convenient and healthy snacking.

Snackables® carrots have a sweet and flavourful taste profile that matures at approximately 100mm.

You don’t need to peel or cut Snackables™ so they can be enjoyed whole which makes them perfect for lunchboxes, work-day snacking, entertaining platters, snacking at home or out and about.

When cooked they are sweet and retain a firm texture so they can be used as a delicious side dish or in any recipe calling for carrots.

Kids love them too, for their sweet flavour and crisp texture. They are easy to hold, easy to dip and no utensils required!

The home of Snackables® are the beautiful rolling paddocks of Tasmania, and they are now grown across Australia to keep up with the year-round consumer demand. You can find them ranged in quality Australian produce stockists (see below).


Where Snackables® began

Snackables® is a Harvest Moon trademark, the Snackables® carrot is a unique variety grown exclusively by Harvest Moon farms. Harvest Moon is a leading Australian fresh produce company, privately owned since 1981. Harvest Moon produce top quality veggies that have been sold in Australian supermarkets and independent grocers for many years. With a trusted history and a vision for a healthy-snacking future, Harvest Moon are proud to make unique Snackables® for Australians to enjoy!


Snackables® is are sold in 2 pack designs depending on where you buy them.

Our ‘purple’ packs are available through Independent grocers such as Harris Farm, Ritchies Supa IGA, Drakes and Hill Street Grocer.

Green Snackables® packs are sold exclusively through Woolworths.

Both packs contain the same high quality Snackables® carrot.