About Snackables™

Snackables™ add crunch and sweetness to the every day. We bring on-the-go Australian fresh produce for you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
It is alarming that only 5% of Australian children eat enough vegetables. More alarming, is that parents aren’t promoting it either, with only 7% of adults eating enough of it.
The clean eating movement continues to gain strength and it does not need to be dull!

Snackables™ is the proof that healthy snacks and healthy eating are attainable.

Snackables™ is a Harvest Moon trademark. Harvest Moon is a leading Australian fresh produce company, privately owned since 1981. Harvest Moon has roamed the world in search of snacking vegetables, and has found success!
What is commonly known as ‘baby vegetables’ are in fact, prematurely harvested vegetables. Vegetables that didn’t develop their full characteristics, in flavour and nutrition alike.
Harvest Moon has found a carrot variety that matures at roughly 100mm. As a result of their size, the flavour profile is sweeter than its big brothers and sisters. And then Snackables™ was born.
Snackables™ is a growing range of whole-eating vegetables. Grown in Tasmania, known for its cool climate vegetables, from farm to family. That’s the Snackables™ mission.
On its own or with your favourite dip, Snackables™ are best enjoyed fresh.

Snackables is the healthy snack Australia has been waiting for.