About Snackables™

With Snackables™, we’re bringing consumers on-the-go Australian fresh produce for a convenient and healthy snacking lifestyle. We’ve found a sweet and flavourful whole snacking carrot that matures at approximately 100mm. Because of their size, the Snackables™ flavour profile is sweeter (and ultimately more delicious!) than its big brothers and sisters. A vision that began in the beautiful rolling paddocks of Tasmania, Snackables™ are a year-round consumer product available at a growing number of stockists in Australia.

Where Snackables™ roots began

Snackables™ is a Harvest Moon trademark. Harvest Moon is a leading Australian fresh produce company, privately owned since 1981. As an established vegetable farm of 38 years, their soil has produced some of the top quality veggies in Australian supermarkets for many years. With a trusted history and a vision for a healthy-snacking future, Harvest Moon charged forwards and launched Snackables™ a delicious on-the-go snacking sized carrot, from the fertile paddocks of Tasmania.