Meet Snackables®

Snackables® add crunch and sweetness to the everyday healthy snacking. Snackables® originated in the nutrient rich soils of Tasmania’s north-west coast at the Harvest Moon farm. Now they are grown at select farms across Australia to meet the year-round consumer demand for these sweet and tasty carrots. Perfect in lunch boxes, as a healthy snack on-the-go or for an entertaining platter, Snackables® are an excellent go-to for healthy and convenient snacking – everyday.

The Snackables® difference

Snackables® are a unique variety of carrot grown to a perfect snacking size, developed to mature at roughly 100mm. Their flavour is sweet and flavourful, and they boast a firm and crisp texture making them extra tasty!

Skip the sugar, grab the Snackables®

Meet your newest companion for healthy, simple snacking. When you grab a pack of Snackables®, you know you are making a good choice. Packed with vitamins (A,K & C) and minerals (including magnesium & zinc) and none of the bad stuff – Snackables® have all the taste and convenience you want without any guilt!

Snackables® Stockists

Snackables® is currently available in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia at selected stockists.