Meet Snackables™

Snackables™ add crunch and sweetness to the everyday healthy snacking options. Snackables™ are a growing range of true baby vegetables packaged for convenience and grown in the nutrient rich soils of Tasmania’s north-west coast at Harvest Moon. Perfect in the kid’s lunch box, as a healthy snack to bring to work or on an entertaining platter, Snackables™ are an excellent go-to for everyday convenience.

The Snackables™ difference

Snackables™ are a unique variety of baby carrot grown to a perfect snacking size, developed to mature at roughly 100mm. Their flavour is slightly sweeter than a full-sized carrot and they hold a freshness from the crunch of a true baby vegetable.

Skip the sugar, grab the Snackables™

Meet your newest companion for a healthy (and simple!) snacking lifestyle! Let’s face it, snacking typically means grabbing the easily accessible sweet and sugary treats out of convenience (that we all later regret snacking on). When you grab a pack of Snackables™ , you’re leaving behind the regret and goodness in your body, too. So you may think you’re skipping the sweets when you choose them, but you’re in for a treat, because they’re deliciously irresistible in their very own way.

Snackables™ Stockists

Snackables™ is currently available in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia at selected stockists.