Meet Snackables™

Snackables™ add crunch and sweetness to the everyday. Healthy eating made easy with whole snacking vegetables grown and packed fresh in Tasmania. Lunch box ideas or a healthy snack for work, Snackables™ is a growing range of true baby vegetables.

The Snackables™ difference

Food is a sensory experience and Snackables™ has a heightened focus on the senses. Look, feel, smell, taste and sound.

From our farm to your family

Marketed ‘baby vegetables’ are in fact, vegetables harvested at premature stages. Nutrients, colour, flavour and texture aren’t developed in full, so there’s more to a ‘baby carrot’ than its size. And while on the topic of carrots, check out the end bit of our Snackables™ carrot. Can you notice a rounded (versus pointy and thinning) end, like in a full size carrot? So next time you’re at the fresh food section, take note on the look of vegetables. Snackables™ carrots are a speciality seed variety, developed to mature at roughly 100mm.

Healthy Grazing Platter

As a result of their smaller size, true ‘baby vegetables’ are sweeter and more tender in comparison. Snackables™ taste and feel like the perfect health food. Snackables™ is convenient ‘on-the-go’ healthy eating. And why not build a healthy grazing platter with Snackables™ next time you’re entertaining?

“Only 7% of adults and 5% of children eat sufficient serves of vegetables” Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

‘But mummy, they’re not peeled’

Those are actual words by a lovely young girl trying Snackables™ for the first time. Washed in nothing but clean Tasmanian water and scrubbed to remove dirt and debris. They smell luscious and make a crisp sound when bitten into. There are so many nutrients and fibre on the outer skin, not to mention, it reduces food waste all around.

Snackables™ Stockists

Snackables™ is currently available in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia at these retailers.


Snackables™ is a Harvest Moon brand, one of Australia’s leading fresh food companies. Harvest Moon has been growing vegetables in the cool climate of Tasmania since 1981. Harvest Moon grows 1800 hectares of carrots, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, pumpkins and more; with facilities in Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.